Export to Excel or PDF in RadGrid


RadGrid has a built-in facility to export the grid’s data into different formats like Excel, CSV, Word or PDF and we can export the same as per the system requierement. Here I will show you how to export grid’s data in PDF or Excel format.


First of all in RadGrid, place the ExportSettings tag as below in the code. Here I have set properties like IgnorePaging equal to True to export all grids data and OpenInNewWindow equal to true to open the export data in a seperate window. Also in ExportSettings section I have defined the width of the PDF page.




Now in RadAjaxManager of your page add the following event:


Then, add the following javascript function in your aspx page:

function requestStart(sender, args) {

if (args.get_eventTarget().indexOf(“btnExportToPDF”) > 0 ||

args.get_eventTarget().indexOf(“btnExportToExcel”) > 0)



And then add the command name for the button as like following for PDF or Excel.


and it’s done.


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