Change RadWindow’s Title from Javascript or from Client-side

As per my scenario, I have RadGrid which contains Add and Edit button for Adding new record and Updated existing record respectively. On click of any of these button it will open a RadWindow which contains all my page controls. And I have a requirement to set the Title of RadWindow accordinly. I mean when user click Add button at that time RadWindow’s Title should be Add Mode and for Edit button click it should be Edit Mode.

And I found an easy way to set the Title of RadWindow from client-side, which I am going to share with you.

On Button, I have a ClientClick() event from where I am opening RadWindow, so now I am going to pass the Mode of the RadWindow in which it is going to be opened. Say for example,


Here, openFileBuilderDialog is my Javascript Function, which is shown as below.

function openFileBuilderDialog(Mode) {

var wnd = $find(‘<%=RadWindow1.ClientID %>’);

if (Mode == “View”) {

wnd.set_title(“View File Information”);


elseif (Mode == “Edit”) {

wnd.set_title(“Edit File Information”);


elseif (Mode == “Add”) {

wnd.set_title(“Add File Information”);



 In this function,

  1. Get the RadWindow using its ClientID.
  2. Find the current mode of the RadWindow, which I have supply on appropriate button’s onClientClick event.
  3. Then use the “set_title” method to set the Title that we want.
  4. And finally called, “show” method to open the RadWindow.

That’s it.

If the content page has its own title set in the @Page directive or in the <head> section, this title will override the RadWindow’s one.

To find more methods of RadWindow and examples please follow the below link,


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